Shungite Therapeutic Properties — Alycia Wicker

Shungite is a wonderful grounding stone, a stone for purifying, and nice to fight EMFs. 

EMFs are ElectroMagnetic Fields created by electrical currents. There are pure EMFs constructed up by the earth’s magnetic area, permitting a compass to orient to the North/South course. 

However EMFs are additionally created by WiFi, sensible know-how, TVs, stereos, fluorescent lights, microwaves, computer systems, cell telephones, and so on. 

EMFs are linked to insomnia, fatigue, and different horrible well being points. So by strategically inserting Common Shungite all through your private home, you possibly can cut back your publicity to EMFs. 

Placing a bit of Shungite close to your pillow or subsequent to your mattress may help you get a greater evening’s sleep. 

Sporting or carrying a bit of Shungite may help you cease the dangerous results of EMFs while you’re out and about.

Noble Shungite purifies water by eradicating micro organism, phenol, manganese, chlorine, nitrates, nitrites, iron, and micro-organisms with out having to boil or chemically deal with the water moreover. Purification of the water takes roughly 6 hours.

I really like ingesting my Shungite water as a result of I discover that it tastes higher than bottled water (that bizarre chemical style goes away), and it is calming.

It is also nice for grounding. In my expertise, most individuals want grounding because the Root Chakra is the one often out of stability, however you will know for positive if you happen to want grounding if you happen to expertise any of the next:

  • Forgetfulness

  • Fatigued

  • Concern

  • Late to appointments or deadlines

  • Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or nervous

  • Onerous time focusing

  • Dropping your prepare of thought

You will get a Shungite dice (any shungite will work, actually, however a dice symbolizes stability) and place it at your toes or within the seat of your chair and chill out for a spell.

Shungites are additionally nice stones to work with if you happen to’re seeking to take a deep dive into your previous lives and join with historical knowledge that can assist you align together with your objective.

You can even pair Shungite with any crystal to assist purify the vitality wherever you are doing all of your crystal therapeutic.

Shungite is helpful to your vegetation and is at present utilized in sustainable farming as a result of it accommodates important minerals that vegetation love.

Lastly, if you happen to discover it onerous to manifest, you might need to work with Shungite that can assist you do this work of grounding you to develop what you want.

Not all Shungites are the identical.

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